Dina Farnan

I have been working at J.P. Morgan in New York City.  My current role is within the emerging markets sales and trading community.  One of the benefits to being in NYC is it allows me to stay in close contact with many of the friends from BC that Mary Kaye and I shared.

I was a friend of Mary Kaye's and very happy to get your email- what a wonderful idea.  As I'm sure you've become aware over the last year, it is difficult to capture Mary Kaye's essence in only a few words...know that many of us will be at the Awards ceremony in spirit if unable to attend in person.

Mary Kaye came into my life January of Freshman Year when she moved into the dorm room right next door and we became fast friends.  How lucky for me to have been assigned that room! I still consider it the only thing the BC Housing Lottery got right!!!

Mary Kaye was such a wonderful, special person that it is difficult to pinpoint one story that captures her fully.  When I think of Mary Kaye, I will always remember her smile. How could such a little body house so much energy, warmth and humor!  My favorite memories of freshman year involve that semester she moved in.  Four or five of us would stay up until all hours of the night, every night, laughing and talking about anything and everything.  I was having a difficult time at college, being away from home for the first time, and Mary Kaye was instrumental in opening my eyes to all the wonderful things at Boston College.  There was no room for being negative when you were around someone who so thoroughly enjoyed each and every day.

Mary Kaye enters my thoughts constantly.  Whenever I hear anyone my age complain that life is too difficult, the days are too long, too pointless at times, Mary Kaye enters my thoughts along with her determination to make the most of each and every day.  That is a precious gift that she shared with me and one I try to remind myself to live by.  Sometimes I think of Mary Kaye, and have regrets that I didn't appreciate our time together more, didn't call enough, didn't stay in closer touch throughout the four years as our lives went their own paths in college.  But that regret has also taught me a valuable lesson and reminds me to appreciate the people that touch my life and, more importantly, to try and express that appreciation.

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