Cynthia Ennis

I am currently a first year medical student at the University of New England osteopathic Medical School in Maine.

I was a close friend of Mary Kaye.  I met her freshman year at Boston College through  Amy Sciple who also grew up with Mary Kaye.  The funny part is that my mom taught in the town right next to Harvard (Ayer, MA) and she knew all about Mary Kaye through Mrs.Sciple (Amy's mom) who taught at the same school.  My mom used to tell me stories about how sick she was and how she saw green balloons all around town on the day of her first major surgery.  So it was funny that I ended up being very close friends with Amy and Mary Kaye when I went to Boston College.  My mom can still not get over it.  Not sure if this story makes sense but thought I would share it.

I have so many wonderful memories it is hard to pick one.  One night in Maryann's after a few beers, Mary Kaye pulled me aside and talked to me for over an hour about the fact that I should pursue my dream to be a doctor.  She gave me advice on what kind of doctor to be and how I should treat all my patients.  She told me never to give up on myself and that she knew I would get in eventually.  That was probably the last serious conversation I had with Mary Kaye before her death in April.  I will never forget that conversation and it often helps me now when I am struggling with classes and feeling overwhelmed with medical school.  She believed in me and she helped me to believe in myself.  My application essay to medical school was all about Mary Kaye and in every interview I had at medical school, we ended up talking about Mary Kaye.  She really influenced my life and helped give me the courage to pursue my dream.

I think about Mary Kaye all the time, even more now that I am in medical school.  An example of how much I still think about her:  On Monday, I ran the Boston Marathon and on my shirt I pinned a green ribbon in honor of Mary Kaye.  No one knew what it meant except me, but I knew it would give me the strength to finish.  Of course, I was right - I finished with her help.

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