Jen Carloni

I work (still) at International Materials, Inc., a small international
trading company outside of Philadelphia in the position of Traffic Manager.

Mary Kaye was my friend/roommate for 3 years at BC (soph-senior).

What I will always remember about Mary Kaye was her positive attitude, her love of life, and her incredible concern for others:  No matter what was going on in her life, Mary Kaye would always ask you how your day was.  I'll also always remember and value the various talks we had over the years:  Mary Kaye was the perfect listener and confidant - very trustworthy.  I know so many people recognized these qualities in her because she had an incredible amount of friends.

Brief remembrances:  The road trip to South Bend for the Notre Dame/BC game stands out as an example of how fun and spontaneous Mary Kaye was: I'll never forget it.  Another memorable time was the surprise party junior year for Mary Kaye in Edmonds when she returned to BC:  So many friends came by to see her and say hi - it was like an endless stream of people for hours.  Tailgates, West Point, Crazy Pillow Head, the Party in Harvard, basketball games, Alley Cat, dinner in Boston (her best BC fan prize)... the list of memories is too long.

As I am typing this, I still cannot believe that 4 years has  passed since Mary Kaye's death. Time absolutely flies. I know that  Mary Kaye is still present in my life in subtle and not-so-subtle  ways.  She enters my thoughts from time to time when I hear a song, look at old pictures, or watch a basketball game. I definitely feel her presence when I return to Boston... or when I see a green balloon.

I'm sure everyone knows the significance of the green balloons. I've  seen one a couple of times in the past few years - always in Boston.  To the ordinary observer these balloons seem out of place:  But to those who knew MK, these balloons appear at the perfect time and place.  It always amazes.

This past October I drove up to Boston with my friend Jody from work  for the Head of the Charles.  On the way up I told Jody all about Mary  Kaye and the significance of the green balloons.  When we arrived in  Boston we went our separate ways and agreed to meet up again by the River on Sunday afternoon to go home. 

The weekend played out like a typical college weekend 5 years ago.  Great Scott's on Friday night, football game on Saturday, and a  pseudo-reunion of the class of '95 on Saturday night.  I remember thinking that it was the kind of weekend Mary Kaye would have loved.

Sunday was the Head of the Charles Regatta.  A few of us went to visit the Waldron's at their home in Boston.  We had a very nice time -  looked at some pictures and caught up. The time went by quickly and  before long I had to leave to meet my ride home.

When I met my friend by the river shortly thereafter, the races were  almost finished.  We decided to have a quick bite to eat and sit and  watch the last few races before we left for Philadelphia. The weather  was beautiful.  My friend Jody led me to a spot by the river where  she said she had sat most of the day.  Not too much later she turned  and said to me, "Oh my God, Jen, you are not going to believe this...  Look up in that tree." I turned around and there it was.  A single  green balloon - with it's string caught in the top
branches - blowing  in the wind.  Mind you there were no other balloons in sight (as per  usual) let alone green balloons.  How that balloon didn't pop among the branches is beyond me.  How it managed to get caught in that  particular tree - or why my friend chose that spot - is also  mysterious.  If I had not told my friend Jody that story on Friday,
the balloon would have gone unnoticed.  But it did get noticed.  Coincidence?  I don't think so!

So, yes, Mary Kaye still touches my life in many ways.  I'll never forget her! 

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