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I just started my own company, called New Jersey Wedding Planner. It's a Web site for couples planning their wedding in New Jersey and will be launched May 1st (keep your fingers crossed).  I'm still a freelance editor on the side for, a news web site, and any other freelance projects that come my way.

Mary Kaye was a best friend and a roommate, in that order.

I have so many wonderful, humorous memories that it's hard to narrow them down. The funniest would have to be her rendition of Mr. Pillowhead, where late at night when we were giddy schoolgirls she would put her head inside a pillowcase (with the pillow also inside) and toss her head from side to side, saying in this ridiculous voice, "Hi, I'm Mr. Pillowhead" over and over again. I guess that was one of those "I guess you had to be there stories" but trust me --it had the rest of us in tears from laughing so hard. After long nights of studying (?!), she really cracked us up.

The other absolutely hysterical remembrance I had was walking into my room in Edmonds at about 2 am after being out, and there was Mary Kaye on our friend Jamie's shoulders covered head to foot in jelly, ketchup and mustard, singing "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray -- we used to listen to it all day and night.  I immediately joined in on the singing and dancing and the tail end of the food fight.  Apparently, Mary Kaye was being her fun, light-hearted self and started an all out food fight war. Our room and everyone in it was covered in food. It turned out to be one of the best nights of the year.

Mary Kaye enters my life every single day. Mary Kaye was ALWAYS there for everyone -- a very difficult task for someone who was friends with just about everyone she ever came in contact with. But she would remember everything going on in your life and take the time to ask you about it and really, truly listen and care -- like nobody I ever met. When things are going on in my life today, and I feel like I don't really have anyone to turn to -- because I always feel like everyone has their own problems to deal with so why bother them with mine -- I think about Mary Kaye. She always used to "scold" me for having this attitude, reminding me that she was ALWAYS there for me. And in my heart I know she still is. And just knowing that comforts me and makes me feel better.

When I had gotten my scores back from my LSATs, I was very upset and disappointed. I didn't tell anyone I had gotten them back.  I just kept walking around Comm. Ave crying and getting mad at myself, trying to put everything in perspective -- Mary Kaye was sick and I was letting myself get so upset over a test score. I was truly angry at myself. When I finally composed myself and got back to our dorms, I didn't tell anyone and just acted like nothing was up. Of course, I couldn't fool MK. She asked what was wrong and I said nothing. She let it go, or so I thought.  I received a card from her that was so touching.  In fact, I still have it.  No matter what was going on in her life, her priority was making everyone else's life a little better -- by doing what she did best: caring.

God gave Mary Kaye a gift, and she gave that gift to everyone she came in contact with. She cared.  And she still does. I know it.  And knowing that makes every day a little easier.

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